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Read tips and hints to make your own natural skin care,  learn how natural skin care ingredients can improve your skin, and find comprehensive help to start your own Australian natural skin care business! Locate Australian and worldwide organisations who care about the health of your skin, our animal friends and our precious planet - and much more!

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Monday, December 05 2022

Who else has a 10yo that is more tech savvy than you? Remote learning using the laptop certainly advanced his abilities, but sadly, not mine!

I'd like Hippy Heaven to be more readily available on Instagram, promoted via social media and compete with the more modern and tech savvy competition, but I do not have the skills to do this! So I've taken to writing a blog and see what happens...

To me, the importance of a natural product that gently nourishes the skin hasn't changed over the years (I first started using product on my eldest son, 16 years ago now!) Hippy Heaven is still the same consistent product that can be relied on "to just work". Howver, that doesn't seem to be enough to generate sales in this modern era to warrant continuing on with all the business expenses we incur - but I live in continual hope this will turn around!!! 

Would blogs or posts on FB showing how product works help increase sales at all? I don't know but I am willing to try. I will start this week to produce some short videos and take it from there. If anyone knows how to get action with the Hippy Heaven Insta page, please email me at



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Sunday, April 26 2015

We are very excited to finally have Palm Oil free products available! In the range are Shower Gels, Cleansers and the Walnut Body Scrub. Labels are being updated as I write this. I am personally so very happy that we are making this transition and thank you for your patience in getting to this point.

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Wednesday, March 06 2013

We here at Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty take the care of our environment very seriously. We have been questioned lately on the use of paper based labels and lack of cardboard glossy packaging.

The answer is really quite simple - it makes environmental sense.

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Saturday, August 04 2012

Stockists of Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty products can now add their businesses to our newly created Stockists page!

Whether you use our products in your business, or sell them retail, or a combination of the two, you can now be listed on this page for free! Increase your sales! Add your business now. 

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Wednesday, November 09 2011

The full list of all natural skin care ingredients used to formulate Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty products now available on site!

Raw ingredients, essential oils, carrier oils, extracts and more are listed, with full descriptions of their usage.

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Saturday, May 28 2011

We have heard some customers tell us that prior to trying Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty products, they believed vegan skin care was just a little bit tree-hugging-queer!

So, what IS vegan skin care, really, and why should you try it?

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Friday, March 11 2011

After many requests, we have created a luxurious, thick and velvety cream facial mask using green clay, rosalina essential oil, macadamia oil and shea butter.

Perfect for that spa experience at home!

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Sunday, June 06 2010

The dry, cooler months can play havoc with our skin, so choose rich, moisturing natural skin care to retain supple, soft skin during winter!

Find a luxurious range of skin care to hydrate and pamper your skin while winter is upon us!

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Saturday, May 29 2010

Aging skin? Loss of elasticity? Oily skin with acne breakouts? This all purpose, easily absorbed oil is perfect for all skins, without leaving a tacky reside! A must-have natural skin care ingredient!

Despite its light texture, it is very rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, and contains polyphenol, a potent antioxidant which can help slow the process of aging by fighting free radicals. Its mildy astringent qualites also tone and tighten the skin!

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Friday, May 21 2010

Palm oil is a spectacular skin care ingredient being rich in carotenes, vitamin E, vitamin K and co-enzyme Q-10. Read more of the benefits in our ingredients glossary.

But palm oil has received a lot of negative publicity in the media... so what reallly is wrong with palm oil as a natural skin care ingredient?

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