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Natural Skin Care Bulk Base Products & Packaging Starter Kit

Begin creating your own natural skin care range with Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty's 100% vegan, certified cruelty free, base products combined with eco-friendly professional packaging! Butter, lotion, gel & fabulous jars & bottles for your creations!


Save money by making your own quality products, or thrill family and friends with unique gifts, or even take the first step towards your own natural skin care business!

Receive three base products - totaling 2.5 litres, to create a huge range of facial, body and spa products, along with 22 eco-friendly cosmetic packaging jars and bottles for a professional finish to your range!

1. Face and Body Foaming Gel Wash Base Bulk 1 litre

Facial and Body Wash Base - Perfect for bubble bath, shower gels, foaming facial washes, exfoliating gels and more! Mix with lotion or butter to create foaming cleansing milks and creams too! Gel remains fresh to use at least one year from purchase. Packaged in an eco-friendly amber PET bottle with watertight black lid and additional pump.

Created with 100% vegan, certified cruelty free ingredients of Purified aqua, Lauryl glucoside (corn oils), Cocomido propyl betaine (coconut oil), Hydroxyethyl cellulose (natural thickener from plant fibres), Hydroxymethylglycinate (gentle preservative derived from vegetable glycine), Citric acid 

2. Hippy Heaven Face and Body Lotion Base 500ml bulk

Face and Body Lotion Base - Perfect for creating light facial creams and lotions, hand lotions, after sun milks, baby lotions and all-over body moisturisers! Enriched with Coconut and Almond Oil, Face and Body Lotion will leave the skin feeling soft, refreshed and soothed. Easily absorbed and non-greasy, while providing much needed moisture. Lotion remains fresh to use one year from purchase. Packaged in an eco-friendly amber PET container.

Created with 100% vegan, certified cruelty free ingredients of Purified aqua, Vegetable glycerin, Isopropyl myristate (light coconut oil), Prunus amygdalis (almond oil), Cetearyl alcohol (coconut oil wax), Glyceryl stearate (vegetable derived moisturiser), Sodium stearate (Vegetable derived emulsifier), Sodium cetylphosphate (plant based food grade pH regulator), Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium (natural thickener derived from the guar tree), Hydroxymethylglycinate (gentle preservative derived from vegetable glycine)

3. Hippy Heaven Face and Body Butter Base Bulk 500ml 

Face and Body Butter Base - Perfect for scented body butters, foot balms, dry skin creams, exfoliating creams and scrubs, facial night creams, moisturisers for mature or damaged skin and much more! A rich, luxurious treat for the skin, with a base of coconut oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil and natural vitamin E. These ingredients combine to revitalise and deeply moisturise the skin while cooling, soothing and smoothing wrinkles. Butter remains fresh to use one year from purchase. Packaged in an eco-friendly amber PET jar with caska seal and black lid.

Created with 100% vegan, certified cruelty free ingredients of Purified aqua, Prunus amygdalis (Almond Oil), Vegetable Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol (coconut oil wax), Prunis armeniaca (Apricot) kernel oil, Glyceryl stearate (vegetable derived moisturiser), Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) butter, Sodium sterate (Vegetable derived emulsifier), Tocopherol (natural vitamin E), Phenoxyethanol (food grade preservative derived from sage essential oil)

PLUS 22 Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Amber PET Jars and Bottles with Black Lids

To professionally present your new creations, you will also receive -

  • 2 x 250ml Amber PET Bottles with black water tight lids and additional black disc caps
  • 8 x 125ml Amber PET Bottles with black water tight lids and additional black disc caps
  • 8 x 100ml Amber PET Jars with airtight caska seals and black screw-top lids
  • 4 x 50ml Amber PET Jars with black screw top lids

Thats 22 pieces of professional packaging in total! We are also happy to accomodate your requirements and provide packaging in different variations for you - just ask!

Guidelines for adding ingredients to your base products

  • Essential oils total: Eye area - 0.25% (5 drops per 100ml)  ~  Face - 0.25 – 1% (5 to 20 drops per 100ml)
    Body – 1-2% (20 to 40 drops per 100ml)  ~  Feet – 2% (40 drops per 100ml)
  • Other oils total (such as rosehip, evening primrose etc): 1-10% (1-10ml per 100ml)
  • Extracts total (calendula, cucumber etc extracted into vegetable glycerin): 1-6%  (1-6 ml per 100ml)
  • Hydrosol total (floral waters): 1-10% (1-10 ml per 100ml)
  • Exfoliants total (walnut shell, jojoba beads etc): 1-5% (1-5 gms per 100ml) for face of fine ground exfoliant  ~  5-10% (5 -10 gms per 100ml) for body of mid to course ground exfoliant
  • Clays total: This will entirely depend on the purpose of your product. Small amounts (up to 3%) can be added to creams or cleansers to detoxify skin, or even to add colour to your product, and larger amounts will cause the product to thicken when applied, so better used for body wraps and facial masks which will be washed off when dried.
  • Preservatives: Adding essential oils to your base product will not affect the life span of your creation. In fact, some essential oils act as an additional preservative! Should you choose to add other raw ingredients (such as extracts or exfoliants) to your base, your products will generally last at least six months from when they are combined. Additional preservation is not necessary for personal use, but should you choose to sell your products, preservatives such as rosemary leaf extract, tea tree or vanilla essential oil, vitamin E, or your choice of synthetic preservative will help lengthen the life of your products giving your customers longer to enjoy them!

Choose a Hippy Heaven Oil Blend to add

  • Heaven Signature Blend - A luscious blend of cedarwood atlas, sweet marjoram, geranium, frankincense, lime, lavender, sandalwood and more, creating a woody, light scent with mild earthy, citrus and floral undertones. Perfect for everyday, a clear mind and relaxation.
  • Hippy -  Perfect for warm summer days, with a refreshing citrus aroma, combining patchouli and sweet Australian orange oil. A subtle blend, wonderful to layer several products on your skin for an all day, long lasting, natural scent.
  • Energy - With rosewood, peppermint, lemon myrtle, lime and more. An invigorating scent with citrus and wood undertones. An excellent choice for men, or to revive and refresh.
  • Intimacy - Ylang ylang, patchouli, cedarwood atlas and lemon combine to create a beautiful earthy scent wonderful for intimacy. Perfect for togetherness and harmony.
  • Peace - A soothing combination of Mandarin and Lavender. Designed to relax and unwind the senses. 
  • Sugar n Spice - A sweet spicy blend of vanilla and cinnamon, perfect for those with a sweet tooth!
  • Spring Revival - Sweet orange and vanilla combine to evoke a "spring is in the air" mood. Wonderful for use any time of year!
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